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Finest Importer of Natural Stones

Quality Stones is a family owned business that has become one of the leading importers of natural stones due to our extensive inventory and exalted customer service. As a family business, we have taken our services to new horizons as we treat our customers on a personal level, by providing them insight about the different natural stones available and which will best fit their needs. We are one of the most acclaimed suppliers of a variety of natural stones and all other materials for hard surfaces. We import and supply top quality materials such as granite, marble, and limestone for both commercial and residential projects. We are located in Fort Myers, Jacksonville and Ocala.

“Refined quality natural stones from around the world at your disposal”

Quality Stones have one of the largest networks in the industry, as we import natural stones from 36 countries around the world. We also maintain purchasing offices in Brazil, India and China. We take great pride in catering to all types of tastes as we have one of the largest arrays of natural stones to provide to our customers. Due to the variety of natural stones at our disposal, we can provide unlimited choices for every potential customer including architects, contractors, for residents and for elite designers. Our extensive inventory is what sets us above the pack as we deal in almost every natural stones; our versatile inventory ensures that there is no natural stone out there that we cannot provide to our customers for both commercial and residential purposes.

“We understand that being prepared is one of the ultimate assets of a business”

With time, our client base has increased due to our sublime service and due to the fact that Quality Stones only provides natural stones of superior quality. This client base now includes a huge portion of the largest stone distributers in America and we have become the foremost choice for almost every building merchant. These building merchants are the most renowned in their line of work and choose our natural stones as they know we never compromise on quality.

“We do not compromise on quality and you shouldn’t have to either”

Quality Stones has cemented its place in the market today not only due to the top quality stones that we import but also because our customer service is out of this world. Only highly trained individuals are employed in our customer service department as we prioritize customer satisfaction above all. We understand that investing in natural stones should not be taken lightly, that is exactly why our representatives constantly communicate with our customers every step of the way.

Gone are the days when people had to wait for months to get rare natural stones for different projects, as we have simplified this process. We have one of the largest inventories of natural stones that are kept in pristine condition till we deliver it to the customer. In some cases, rare natural stones are needed by designers or architects. These stones are not readily available in the market, but due to our extensive network, we can supply these rare stones in a timely manner.

What really sets Quality Stones apart from the rest of the pack is our impeccable attention to detail. The methodology we utilize to import and preserve natural stones is unparallel. Besides this, our highly trained staff members have a whole array of skills in their arsenal to help every customer choose the stone that best suits their needs. Our staff members have the skills instilled in them to provide a customer experience like never before.

If you are looking for top quality natural stones at affordable prices, look no further as quality stones is the solution to all of your needs.

For more information, please feel free to call us at 352-438-9091.