​          Throughout the span of time, natural stones have been used to construct magnificent structures that are still standing with us till date. Seven of the eight wonders of the world have been created with natural stones including the 50-feet tall Colossus of Rhodes. Throughout history, we have been using stones to create sublime structures due to their artistic aspect, durability, functionality and permanence.

The Age of The Gang Saw (1950s)

          With time, the use of stones became increasingly diverse, especially after the industrial revolution. This is due to the fact that the innovative gang saw was invented in the 1950s. The gang saw had the capability of cutting numerous sheets out of a single block of natural stone, there is no doubt that this brilliantly engineered invention was far ahead of its time. After the introduction of the gang saw, the stone industry completely transformed as it had an integral role in how natural stones were processed, transported and quarried.

The Era of The Diamond Wire Cutters (1990s)

          Even though the qualities of natural stones were eminent at that time, it was not till the late 1990’s did people start using stones in a different variety of projects. Previously, stones were only used in constructing statues, monuments or other commercial purposes but now stones are used in almost every other building construction. 

          After the 1990’s, the gang saw become obsolete as diamond wire cutters were introduced. This innovative cutting technique has the capacity of cutting large stones in a variety of shapes and sizes. This had the effect of quadrupling the levels of efficiency in transporting and extracting stones. Due to diamond wire cutters, stone could be cut into different shapes in a matter of hours. Once this machine was introduced, the utilization of stones in constructing structures increased by a huge margin and the cost of stones decreased at the same time.

The Age of Stone Countertops (mid 90s)

          In the 80s, stone countertops were rare. They were expensive, not in trend, and were not even recommended by architects and contractors. However, due to the diamond wire cutters, better quality stone started hitting the market at affordable prices. Add to that the improved processing techniques, and Granite countertops became all the rage in the mid 90s. Shortly after, people started constructing kitchens entirely out of stone.

          This is due to the fact that stones have this inherent beauty which cannot be found in any other material. They depict a refined taste like no other and their sturdy material does not require high maintenance or repairs. Also, natural stones give a hint of luxury with a classic look and distinctive feeling.

List Of Natural Stones Used For Countertops
With time, the variety of stones which people are using to create magnificent kitchen counter tops and cabinets has increased. These days’ people can construct sublime kitchens or homes using the following stones

·         Granite 

·         Limestone

·         Marble

·         Slate 

·         Quartzite

·         Sandstone

·         Onyx 

          This list is just a glimpse of the variety of natural stones that are being used to create kitchen countertops that depict class and proximity to nature. Only time can tell how the natural stone industry will evolve as we keep finding new uses for these special raw materials.

Different kinds of kitchen countertops

          As far as the kitchen is concerned a countertop is always an important addition. This is why you need to choose the right material for your kitchen countertop. While choosing the countertop, as a homeowner you also need to take into account that this countertop is going to be there for a long time. So, if you make a mistake now you will have to live with it for many years. So, before you make a decision be very clear and take your time. Truth to be told, with all the variety in countertops these days it is really hard to make a choice as such.

​          These days, interior designers are coming up with various kinds of designs and styles for kitchen countertops as well. Granite is obviously the material of choice for most people when it comes to building a kitchen countertop. Apart from being really strong this stone is quite elegant as well. This is why people like it so much. If you are looking for a countertop that is eco-friendly then you need not look any further than this. Granite countertops are normally found in the high-class and luxurious kitchens. They are quite durable too. 

          They can easily resist scratches and stains. It can also withstand damage, which happens because of the heat that a countertop is exposed to at different times. It is available in a number of patterns and colours, and as such you can be sure that granite would impart a lot of elegance to your kitchen. Quartz countertops are also quite popular these days – they are also referred to as engineered stone countertops. These countertops are quite durable and strong as well. This is because quartz happens to be one of the toughest minerals in the world. It can be found in any shade that you can think of.     

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